Design Audits

Reveal obstacles, discover opportunities, and align your team to build a better customer experience.

A health check for your digital experience

User Research

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Opportunity Analysis

Summary & Recommendations

A process that delivers

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Step 1

We understand your business goals

We start by learning your key business objectives and user perspectives, to gain understanding about your brand.

Step 2

We map your user's journey

Our process is user-focused and starts by mapping your customer's journey and reviewing key brand touch-points.

Step 3

We identify opportunities to improve

We utilize design heuristics and best practices to identify opportunities where the experience could be improved.

Step 4

We share recommendations

We deliver a summary of our findings and provide actionable insights to help you make thoughtful and strategic brand improvements.

4 signs you need a Design Audit

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Declining conversions or low retention

If you've noticed people aren't sticking around or converting like they used to, it's a sign that something's not quite right. A design audit can dig deep to uncover what's causing the problem and give you actionable steps to make things better.

Frequent user complaints

When users are constantly telling you about problems they're facing on your platform or website, it's a warning sign. A design audit can help you pinpoint exactly what's causing their frustration and guide you on how to improve the experience.

Outdated or inconsistent design

Nobody wants to feel like their website or app is stuck in the past while competitors are racing ahead. A design audit can identify areas where your design could use a refresh, helping you stay competitive and keeping your users engaged.

New product or feature launch

So, you're about to launch something new and exciting? That's great! But before you hit that launch button, a design audit can ensure that the user experience is top-notch. It'll catch any potential hiccups before your users ever see them.

Their thoughtful design thinking not only addressed my problem effectively but also made the entire process collaborative and engaging. I couldn't be more pleased.
Greg Hudnall Jr.

COO, Hope Squad

Check the health of your brand’s digital experience and chart a course to success

Align your team

Understanding the big picture and customer perspectives will help get everyone moving in the same direction and sharing the same goal.

Save time and resources

An effective audit will save you from wasting time, effort, and resources by removing the guesswork and helping you know what to improve and where to start.

Attract, delight, and retain

Gaining insights into customer expectations better equips you to improve their experience, attract new customers, and foster brand loyalty.

Reveal obstacles, discover opportunities, and align your team

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