Tiled Microapps

Immersive interactive presentations designed to enable sales and marketing initiatives.

Custom microapp design

Inspire and educate your audience with compelling Explainer videos. Transform complex concepts into easily digestible narratives that introduce your company, product, or processes.

Custom microapp templates

Add that extra polish that that reflects a top-shelf brand, with an animated logo, captivating bookend animations, and versatile brand motion assets.

Use cases that drive growth

A process that delivers

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Step 1

We organize
your content

We begin the Tiled Microapp design process by organizing your content to ensure a structured and coherent presentation of information.

Step 2

We wireframe
lo-fi concepts

Using low-fidelity wireframes, we outline the layout and functionality, setting the foundation for an effective and engaging Microapp design.

Step 3

We create
interactive designs

We create interactive designs, incorporating visual elements and user interactions that enhance the user experience and align with your content organization.

Step 4

We build a
dynamic microapp

Our final step is to bring everything together—the organized content, assets, and interactive designs to create a dynamic experience for your audience.

4 signs you need to improve your website

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Sales and Marketing Collateral Is Underutilized

You’ve invested in creating sales and marketing collateral but find that it's not easy for teams to access, isn’t being
utilized, or is often ignored in favor of their own make shift presentations.

Training and Onboarding Challenges

Your company struggles with creating engaging and memorable training experiences for current employees or effective onboarding for new ones.

Need for Personalized Content Delivery

When one size doesn’t fit all and you need to empower your sales reps to deliver on-brand personalized content for individual users or specific target groups.

Difficulty in Updating or Maintaining

Your company aims to improve its data collection and analysis capabilities to make more informed business decisions, implementing microapps can be a valuable tool.

Responsive and nimble—always coming up with creative solutions and suggestions. They are incredible partners, extremely talented at what they do, and an overall joy to work with.
Alisa Holzer

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Equinox

Stand out with immersive content that leaves a lasting impression

Engage Audiences

Microapps provide dynamic and interactive content experiences that captivate and engage your audience, ensuring your message doesn't go unnoticed.

Gain Activity Insights

Gain valuable insights into user interactions, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize your content.

Save Time and Resources

Efficiently create, update, and distribute content at scale, saving time and resources while maintaining a consistent brand message.

Give your audience an interactive experience they won’t forget

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